Getting a facial is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Not only can a facial make your skin look better, it’s also a great way to clean out pores which are beleaguered by weather, pollution and stress.

“Skin-care is the fastest-growing portion of the beauty industry today, facials are an affordable way to do something special for yourself. Averaging about $50 for 45 minutes to an hour, facials are a lot less expensive than the more serious chemical peels, laser procedures and botox injections.

The biggest problem facing women today, is loss of moisture. Our skin is exposed to sun, wind, air conditioning and heat, which are very aggressive to skin.

Exfoliation is key to good skin. Dead skin cells naturally slough off once a month, but the process slows down as we age. A good facial can boost the exfoliation process. If you have a busy schedule and do not get much rest.

Facials are also an excellent way to lower stress, stress and lack of sleep are elements that can contribute to adult acne. Facial skin care is extremely necessary so that the face skin glows everyday.


Great skin begins with great products & monthly facials

The products used for facials are herbal/ayurvedic in nature & have been formulated to suit all skin types. The products are made from special blends of botanical extract, nutrients, & aromatic oils, which are unique & highly effective product formula.


Bridal Facial​

Weddings can be really hectic & stressful, but as a bride you don’t want to show that stress on your face. Our special bridal facial is here to solve your problem. Consists of freshness of flowers & sandalwood, this facial will rejuvenate and refresh your skin, & give instant glow. You will feel so relax and fresh as a flower.



This unique facial will leave your face feeling soft, dewy, healthy, glowing,& refreshed. Handmade Pure products. No animal testing or preservatives. Made with fresh fruits, vegetables, butters, clays and the finest essential oils. Suitable for all skin types.


Andalou Vegan Facials

NO Gluten . NO Phthalates . NO Sulfate . NO Silicones . NO Parabens . NO Worry

Customized facial with lymphatic drainage and relaxing massage that helps to reduce wrinkles, revive skin moisture, radiance, and instant skin plumping and rejuvenation.


Anti Acne Facial​

Massaged with soothing gel, made from Clove & Chamomile Oil, heals without clogging the pores, retaining the moisture & softens of the skin. It also helps in toning the pimple prone skin.


Papaya Facial​

This papaya extract & enzyme based kit is suitable for dark, patchy, pigmented & blemished skin. The cream has strong properties & the enzymes also offer peeling action & restore natural complexion. In the scrub, this dried pulp contains not only the dead cell cleansing agents but also complexion improving extracts. The papaya pack removes the dead epithelial cells & replenishes with the fresh glowing skin.


Silver Facial​

This facial is good for all skin types & helps to regulate the skin temperature & provide natural cooling effect. Regular massage improves the blood circulation & imparts silver like shine to the skin. It also helps achieve improved complexion & texture, giving shiny soft texture. The firming mask helps impart a youthful texture & extra ordinary glow to the skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin types.


Kesar Facial​

Saffron is teeming with anti-bacterial qualities, which make it ideal for curing acne. Saffron’s exfoliating qualities make it a wonderful aid in clearing and brightening up the complexion. Saffron is an excellent skin lightening agent that helps to lighten your skin tone dramatically and give you radiant and smooth skin..


Pearl Facial​

The pearls are natural whitener & rich in nutrients. Pearls reduce the transfer of melanin in skin, preventing tanning, while fading away dark patches & spots. Enriched with minerals, amino acids & proteins, the pearl is potent with powerful age control nutrients, that moisturize the skin & keep it flawless & youthful. The pearl Mask consists of Ginseng powder & Pearl powder, that help to give the natural glow to the skin & helps to remove the pigmentation.


​Gold Facial

A time defying complex, incorporating 24 carat pure gold, for cell rejuvenation & ageless skin. Being one of the softest metals, it is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin glowing.


Fruit Facial​

Fruit facial is a special blend of vitaminised fruits with almond, orange, saffron, apple, & coconut. This facial helps removing blemish & superficial pigmentation. Cools the skin while leaving it visible radiant & refreshed. Tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles & lighten age spots. Improves skin complexion. Helps preventing pimples & blemishes. The special properties of these nourishing fruits impart natural glow, & enhanced skin texture.
Suitable for all skin types.


​Nourishing Facial

Especially created dry, dehydrated or mature skins. Restores to the skin a smooth radiance. Aids the cell renewal process. Contains Vitamin E- which accelerates the healing of scar tissue & restores collagen elasticity. This unique formulation removes skin eruption & burning sensation. The astringent & cooling property of the cream helps to remove abrasion itching & irritable skin condition. Enriched with extracts that have remarkable rejuvenating qualities, it provides the skin with a rich emollient and moisturizing system.