Meet The Founder

Name: Ruby Walia
Founder: Ruby’s Beauty Studio

A Brief Timeline


    Someone wise once said “Everybody is born with talent but only the chosen few discover it, nurture it and passionately make it their career.” Ruby is one such lucky soul. Ever expanding portfolio of her excellent work and patronage of her clients are enough proof for that.

    Ruby came to US in 1994 as a Law graduate from India. She took the CA Bar exam, & volunteered in a few local law firms, but she never really enjoyed practicing law here. Ruby believes in doing what she loves and loving what she does. As she was wondering which direction she should take, she decided to plunge into something she had never explored. She had the basic self-taught skills in beauty and grooming and she wanted to learn more. Without any career path in mind, she landed herself in a beauty school. Ruby was never into makeup, let alone consider it for a career. As she dedicated herself to her cosmetology course, she got opportunities to do a few bridal makeups. Ruby is a go-getter and she impressed her clients with her work. Their praises did not just motivate Ruby but inspired her to change her profession from a lawyer to a beautician.

    Needless to say, Ruby excelled in her cosmetology course and started her own home-based beauty studio soon thereafter. Every small compliment that came her way, grew her hunger for more knowledge in the field and pushed her towards her goal. She always believed in giving, not just her best, but the whole 100% even for the smallest of the jobs that she took up. She went on to rent a small station in a local salon where she worked from for 4 years. She got hands-on experience doing all that she had not learnt in the beauty school and so much more. She took up advanced courses and also learnt about running a business which she was clueless about. She was then ready to take the big step of owning her very own Beauty studio and as they say: The rest is History or ‘Her’story.

    “Ruby enjoys reading and writing. She also started her Blog site. To read her blog click here


    We believe that all women are naturally beautiful. But a little makeup can go a long way. Of course the high-end products used and the skill set of knowing how to do it and when to stop makes us stand apart.

    “Look Better, Feel the Best” Ruby completely agrees with that. And hence, she extends her passion beyond her usual business realm. She derives immense pleasure and satisfaction in sharing her knowledge with others. Ruby’s Beauty Studio conducts regular grooming and makeup lessons for young ladies who dream to create their own confident look everyday. Her students range from housewives to corporate women. Ruby also tours around Bay area & beyond to give makeup workshops in various Beauty Schools. She loves to share her tricks & techniques, learnt and invented by her over all these years, with all the aspiring artists. With over 200 students trained under her in her one-on-one training sessions and many more in group sessions, she has definitely made a confident beautiful difference out there.


    We believe that we are into serving business. We spread love, joy, & happiness. “Quality over Quantity” is our motto. We use all high end beauty brands such as Mac, Inglot, Anastasia Beverly Hills & Aquage, Chi, & Deva hair products.

    We are always investing in regular skill training sessions and knowledge upgrades. This is one field that quickly changes trends. What is in vogue today can be out of fashion tomorrow. Hence we strive to be on top of our game, always.

    Changing trends inspire us to keep our makeup style more natural and classy. We avoid hiding the smaller flaws of a person’s natural beauty with multi-layered makeup. Instead we enhance their stronger features and encourage them to be more of their positive confident self in their very own skin. Be it a bridal function, a party, a corporate event, editorial, glam, or any type of look, we personally design & customize it just for you.

    Over the last 15 years of in depth experience in this field, we have worked with many Bollywood Celebrities. Working with them is always a new experience. Some of the celebrities we had an opportunity to work with are:

    Amrita Rao, Neha Dhupia, Kavitha Krishnamurthy, Shreya Ghoshal, Ayushman Khurana, Tahira Kashyap Khurana, Shweta Pandit.

    Ruby is driven by her passion to give. Ruby’s Beauty Studio and its long standing clientele is a testimony to the fact that sincerity, perseverance and hardwork when combined with passion is the only remedy to Success, Happiness and content. Yes, Content is the right word. How else would one give selflessly?


    Ruby’s giving nature is more evident when one reads about the positive initiatives she has taken up to give back to the community and to help those in need. She conducts once a month Free Yoga in the Park where everyone is welcome to come and practice the Vinyasa Yoga routine with her and her professional Yoga mentor. This is mainly to grow awareness in the community about the innumerable benefits of Yoga to physical and mental health. Touch A Soul is an NGO that is born out of Ruby’s passion to help the underprivileged. This Journey began as a simple act of compassion by feeding the hungry on the streets. Many of her friends and clients then joined hands in this positive drive and today Touch A Soul is involved in running backpack drives supplying school bags and supplies to the needy kids, Toy Drive where Secret Santa grants wishes to those kids who have waited year after year for Santa to arrive with toys, Blanket Drives to give warmth to the elderly homeless in the cold winters and many more. This year they have transcended beyond and have pioneered by adopting one school in Milpitas Unified school district and will be sponsoring breakfast and lunch to all the kids who are in reduced price meal. Their mission is to adopt many more schools and help underprivileged kids in many other ways. Ruby’s initiatives, although seek no gratification, they earnestly seek to inspire more and more people to come forward and help or partner with Touch A Soul. She truly believes that this will cause a ripple effect and will eventually make a big impact in the lives of many in need. She knows that together we can be the change we want to see in this world.