I am VERY impressed with Ruby’s Beauty Studio! Her representatives are friendly, and Ruby is very kind and knowledgeable! She explained the various facials and suggested one based on my skin, rather than selling me the most expensive. Great prices too! She provided graceful services with organic ingredients, which included a relaxing face massage. I felt great afterwards and she even walked me outside the studio upon exiting. I HIGHLY recommend Ruby for all your cosmetology dreams! THANK YOU RUBY! A+!


RUBY….i know her for last five years..she is amazing..I love the way she does my eyebrows, facial and make-up etc..She is very friendly…Recently i went to India and there i missed her so much, she is the only one whom i can rely on for my eyebrows..

Ruchika Rastogi

This review is based on my eyebrow threading experience. I came here because I was not satisfied with the eyebrow threading at the Great Mall. My eyebrows looked even and wonderful, it didn’t even hurt. Usually I get a bit irritated when I get my eyebrows threaded but Ruby was amazing. She only charged $5 due to a promotion and gave me the card to stamp each time I came. I will come back definitely and hopefully get a facial!

Lex E.

I have been going to Ruby’s for eyebrows, facials, henna and much more. I love the facials which include neck and shoulder massage which relaxes me instantly. Ruby and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable, passionate..!! Ruby has monthly promotions which makes us the services more affordable.


I have been going to Ruby’s for past 3 years for eyebrows and upper lip. Though she is not very close to where I live – I prefer going to her. I find her as well as staff friendly. The place is clean and I have always gotten good service here. No complaints whatsoever 🙂 I would recommend this place any day!

R. M.

Ruby and her staff are great at eyebrow threading! It’s easy to get an appointment. She honors the groupon. They give your their own slip when you redeem the 3-5 series of threading and write in the expiration date. I think it’s probably one of the best groupon experiences I’ve ever had as a matter of fact. Ruby is great and what she does!

Holly L.

Ruby did my eyebrows. My friends commented that I had a softer look on my face that made me look younger. I did not know, well done eyebrows could shed years! Thanks Ruby


Ruby’s been great since the first time I started seeing her about 2 years ago. I love her energy and enthusiasm! I’ve gotten threading by her and her staff, facials, and I just had her do my hair and make-up for my wedding. She and her staff are definitely the best. It meant so much that Ruby went out of her way to accommodate our schedules for the wedding. Recommended to everyone!

T. N.

Wow where to start? Ruby is just AMAZING! i love the way she can do eye brows, and also facials. Ruby is a very experienced woman and knows what she’s doing. But make sure that you tell her EXACTLY what you want, and she will work with you. And if you think you need it to be changed, she’ll hand you a mirror and you can tell her what you don’t like. Unlike some other people who will get upset about and do a much more horrible job, she will work with you.

Ruby’s facials are amazing!!! i felt so relaxed when I got got out of the facial, and my skin looked amazing. I have had an acne problems for years, and the oxygen facial really does help. I have also tried the pearl facial before going to a wedding, and i LOVED it. my skin felt great.

Yes, she’s a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, you get your money’s worth! This place is very clean unlike some other places I’ve been to. The area where she does facials is very clean and has a very nice environment, and the music helps you relax.

Overall, I have had a really good experience with Ruby, whoever wrote that she was “rude, selfish, or greedy” obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about, because that’s not her, she makes everyone feel welcomed.

Try her out, and I’m sure you will agree 🙂

Seema S

I love Ruby’s. They are always so friendly and professional. They do the best job. I have my threading done there. My Brows and upper lip. I feel more confident and ready to face the world. I always recommend them to others.

Autumn A

I have been to Ruby’s for threading, facials, face cleaning. They do an excellent job. Also she always advises if you ask her about skin…or anything. Ruby is quick. I have tried other eyebrow threading places but I like her because she does a great job and it doesn’t pain. I would recommend her for sure

Anupriya S.

I have been coming here since 2008 for my eye brow threading and i have also got a facial done too. Ruby is an amazing artist and she takes care of you.

Faiza H.

Ruby and her team are really good. The service is good, friendly and clean. I have been going here for several years, mainly for waxing. I recently took a couple of friends for eyebrow threading, and they were also really happy with the results.

Gullo R

Ruby is the bomb! I’ve been going to her for years now since I’ve moved out to Cali in 2005! I was looking for a place when I got here and I found her. I’ve also tried other places but Ruby does an AMAZING JOB at threading and facials that I’ve gotten by her! I won’t even consider going to anyone else again!

Sojy M

Ruby did my makeup for my wedding on July 2nd, 2011. She came up to my hotel room in Berkeley and did a great job–I was so happy with how it turned out. I asked for a very natural look and was extremely pleased with the results. She also did my mom’s and aunt’s makeup. My aunt initially felt that her makeup was too theatrical, and Ruby did her best to change it to her taste.

Ruby also dressed me in a fairly heavy, silk kancheevaram sari. She did a GREAT job. There are very few makeup artists who are willing to tie saris–most of the Indian artists are used to lehengas, etc, for weddings, so this was one of the most important things for us. Ruby totally came through and I loved the final look. Thanks, Ruby!

Ragini T. S.

I am a long time customer of Ruby’s Beauty Studio, since 2004! The services I have had done are threading and the head massage.

The threading is the best of any place I have gone to for eyebrows. I love the precision of the threading, Ruby does a great job in shaping your eyebrows. She has also helped me reshape my eyebrows when I have gone too thin by trying to tweeze on my own. The few occasions I have gone to another place for my eyebrows have reminded me why I ONLY go to Ruby’s Beauty Studio, I will continue to go there for as long as she is in business, which I hope is for a very long time!

The other service I have tried is the head massage. I had been having a stressful week and headaches and decided to go for the head massage. Not only was it really relaxing, but I could literally feel the tension lift from my head and neck. I really recommend it!

Sandra U

Has to be the best Indian Salon of South bay. Great makeup, great facial, great waxing. The owner is very skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend Rubys.

Swati K.

Great place for facials. I have tried many places and Ruby’s facials are the best. Ruby does a great job and you feel very relaxed after the facials. The massage is awesome. She also does good threading and waxing.

Komal G.

I recently have gotten my makeup done and eyebrows threaded by Ruby. I was SO HAPPY about what the outcome was. I have read the previous reviews with what others have said… And it kind of made me laugh because clearly no one has heard the term “beauty is pain.” And for me, getting my eyebrows threaded was not even painful when she did it.

She is anything but impatient. I didn’t even ask to get my eyebrows threaded (she came and did makeup for one of our photoshoots) and she sat me down and within 2 minutes my eyebrows were BEAUTIFUL!!! The quick result was not “impatience” hun, that’s professionalism.

She also did my makeup, and the colors she used were absoultely amazing. Everything matched perfectly! I was obsessed with how I looked (in the least narcissistic way possible).

Ruby also stayed for the entire photoshoot, and touched me up throughout the process. Most makeup artists pack up and leave once they figure they have done their job, but NO – Ruby stuck around and helped out the entire time (mind you, this was like 6 hours)!!

So, if you are looking for a professional that is not only the sweetest but is also willing to work with exactly what you want, then come to Ruby. If people are seriously upset about bleeding a little (I didn’t even bleed and um hello, plucking eyebrows with tweezers do the same thing occasionally) or having an “amateur” do your facial (do you seriously not believe in having a first time for everything?! How do people LEARN!?), then those individuals need to re-evaluate their haughty expectations and not let the pore-sized droplet of blood not get to their head.

Amy M.

We have had the pleasure in working with Ruby for this coming football season for NCFL Cheerleaders Swimsuit photo shoot previously. Ruby uses such vibrant colors and knows her blend for each individuals. She is excellent to work with, the camera crew and the cheerleaders loved working with Ruby. She is not only creative but she has such a great talent and the artist eye in blends. The products she uses are all quality and is very prepared with kits with many many palettes to work with her equipment for set up. The Cheerleaders and myself loved working with her and would like to work with her for different cheerleading projects for the NCFL league and more football seasons to come.

Thanks again– we highly recommend beauty by Ruby :o)


I luv Ryby. She is amazing. I dont trust my eyebrows with anyone. SHe is very good. I have not tried her facials but i hear good things.

She is 2 block from where i live which is a plus too 🙂

Laila A

I have have been going to Ruby’s Studio since last year. Her services are simply awesome. She is very experienced and takes great care of her clients. I go there for facials, face cleaning, acne treatment, and threading. I am extremely happy with her services. The facials are simply amazing. I have tried the VLCC facial and the pearl facial. I give her five stars. I had some acne problems, thanks to her, I feel my acne problems have reduced drastically. The ambience of the studio is very relaxing and peaceful.

Ruchika R

Ruby did my hair and makeup for my wedding ceremony/reception (traditional Indian wedding) and I loved both looks!!! I received several compliments on both my hair and make-up. I have long hair and she was able to do an updo and it looked beautiful! She was able to take the colors from my outfits and incorporate them into my makeup. She also did my Mom’s hair/makeup and did a great job with her hair/make-up without looking overdone. Would definitely recommend to other brides!

R. K.

I moved here 3 years ago and I always had issues with finding a good and reliable salon to get my threading done. I tried numerous salons and it was always a hit and miss with them until I came across Ruby’s Salon. I LOVE the way she does my eyebrows, they look great every time I visit her. Yes, it is a little pricey than other salons but you are paying for quality! I have very sensitive skin and she really knows what she is doing! My friends and family have also used her for bridal makeup and all I can say is WOW! They looked soooo gorgeous on their special day! I really recommend her to those looking for a reliable beautician! Don’t believe me go visit her for yourself and see!

Divya P.

What can I say about Ruby’s… One of the best beauty salon/spas , I have been too. I know Ruby for 8 years now and I have never seen such great service. She is very professional and amazing at what she does. You will be 100% satisfied !!!

Just visit her and you will see it / experience it yourself. I would highly recommend her for facials, threading and bridal packages. Check out all the pictures of the brides she has got ready… they all look like MOVIE STARS !!

Daksha V.

I was having major headaches for weeks so my friend took me to see Ruby for a desi style head massage. After trying accupuncture and over the counter pain meds I didn’t think it would work, but after 5 mins on the chair I thought I was in heaven. I was so relaxed and was pleased to find out I didn’t have to pay an arm and leg for it.

While I was there I decided on getting additional services done, I got myself a facial as well as my eyebrows threaded. Ruby was so nice she even got me some tea from somewhere and chit chatted with me on how to help me with my tension headaches.

I’m definitely going back to her as she’s very sweet and inexpensive and I think our kids may even start playdates together. 😉

Mindy R.

I have been Ruby’s customer for over a year now, and she is fantastic . Her facials are the best ! very relaxing, effective and Ruby really spends time on the massage section of the facial which is what I love the best.. She does an amazing job with waxing as well, she is very quick. Lately, she has started the head massage service. It is wonderful and very addictive. The bonus to Ruby’s great services, is also her low prices. If you happen to go – dont miss out on the facial for sure!

Gayatri I

I have been going to Ruby’s for last many years. I find her salon very clean and have always done a good job with my threading. I love her facials……….very relaxing.I highly recommend this salon. I have tried other places but Ruby’s is the best.

Rachana M.

I been going to Ruby’s for years. I’ve tried plenty of other bay area places, but she is by far the best I’ve come across. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Yes, they’re always busy, but I think they provide great customer care, and being a busy salon speaks for itself. Ruby’s prices are reasonable, and she and Afsheen are always friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Hina P.

I often visit this salon for threading. This is the first time I tried a facial and a massage. It was very relaxing. I loved the back massage and also the eye treatment that she gave me with the facial. I highly recommend this salon.

Pragati R.

I have been going to Ruby’s over five years now. I have virtually seen the salon growing. Ruby is a professional. Very hardworking and ambitious. She treats her customers well. I never had a single missed appointment. I would definitely recommend her salon. It is clean and airy. I have nothing but praises for her. A typical Indian atmosphere. I am so glad I found her. People, please don’t get carried away by someone’s negative review. Give her a break. Come experience for yourself.

Anna Jacob

Ruby’s is the only place i go to for my threading and waxing needs. she is very efficient and i usually leave a happy customer. her prices are very decent for a professional salon. my mom gets her facials done at ruby’s and she loves it! Ruby herself is a wonderful person and she makes sure you get your money’s worth. I would highly recommend her.

Shreya K.

I just went to rubys today for a head massage. It was the best head massage i have had in the US. I used to get head massages very often in India and could never find a clean , professional place in the bay area until i went to rubys. The only con i can say is that she is very popular in the bay area so if you want to avoid a wait make a appt ahead of time esp on weekends. Also, my wife and her friends get threading done by ruby and her assistant and they say that shes very good and spends time with every customer.

Ajay K.