Why Our Clients love our NEW Creme Wax?

Low Temperature. Leaves skin Moist. Less painful. Doesn’t need full hair growth, removes even small hair. Reduces hair growth. Very Popular in Hollywood come & try it out, you won’t get disappointed. Guranteed.

What our clients say

I tried many places for waxing, but was not that happy. No quality & on top of that so much time consuming. Found out about Ruby’s Beauty Studio through a friend. Ruby’s waxing skills are outstanding, her speed is unreal & quality no one can match. I am amazed how little it hurts when she does the waxing & how slowly the hair grows back.

Not only is her work high quality, but Ruby is such a pleasure to talk with. I live 45 mins to an hour drive from Ruby’s but don’t mind driving to her to get the quality & out in few minutes. Ruby You ROCK.